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Driven Off Sicily


* Grill *


Driven Off Sicily





For the dough:

500 g durum wheat flour

150 g flour type 00


20 g lard

25 g yeast

300 ml warm water


For the filling:

600-700 g broccoli tops

400-500 g tuma

60 g black olives

2 large onions

1 clove of garlic



Prepare the dough with the ingredients listed above.

Cut the florets of broccoli and boil in salted water. Let them boil for a short time, so that they cook but remain crisp.

In a Pan fry the cloves of garlic and then add drained broccoli.

Let it fry a little until it insaporiranno and then add the olives and sausage.

Let everything take flavor for a few minutes.

Divide the bread dough into two pieces, one of which is bigger. With the larger piece lay a sheet 1 cm high

and place on a well oiled baking dish. Fill it with the broccoli that you prepared and add the chopped cheese.

With the piece of bread into smaller dough roll out a sheet thin enough. You will need to take the expulsion and close it.

Roll up the edges so that you do not open and brush the surface with olive oil.

Bake for 30 minutes at 200 degrees until the pasta is cooked and golden surface.

The filling of expulsion can be done in many ways.

A simple variant, for example, is the one with the tuma (or fresh pecorino cheese), ham and onion.

Or you can fill with the raw potatoes cut into thin slices, tomato, onion, cheese.

The result is a real delicacy. There is also a version of its society with cauliflower and fresh pecorino affogato.